About Us

We at the LemonGinger produce home decors made out of natural solid wood. 

With the love of decorating our houses with the minimalist natural designs, also with our love of wood and the designs it is naturally made of, we started  the LemonGinger aiming to bring the simplest and sophisticated form of nature to those wooden decor lovers. 

The woods around us are different from each other because of several environmental factors. Just as we are, where the spots and scars we have, make us distinct as you and me. Each wooden piece has its own grains, marks or spots which make it different from others. 

We value and appreciate those scars and the spots on the wood and make sure not to change those as they make them different and unique unlike the factory-made look alike ones. 

So you will not find the same two pieces of the product in our store. 

We, largely aim at natural designs but on customers' demand, have decided to paint some of our decor designs to match their needs.